January 10

Three Years Into My Recovery

January 24

Dos Equis Redux

February 7

Keeping Score on Birder Courtesy

February 21

Species Highlight - Cooper's Hawk

March 7

Whitewater Draw, the Poor Man's Bosque

March 21

Birding Humor: Take your time when working out identification problems

April 4

Birds and Culture

April 18


May 2

Birder Diversity Revisited

May 16

Eagle Dreams

May 30

Species Spotlight—Mississippi Kite

June 13

Fishing For Orioles

June 27

Nature Versus Nurture in the Avian World

July 11

An Interview with a Birder

July 25

Channeling Otis Redding

August 8

Valley 101

August 22

The Copper Bullet

September 5

Birding Humor: Don’t Lose Focus on Your Surroundings

September 19

Birders Are Sheep:  Get Over It

October 3

Sturnus vulgaris

October 17

The Birdiest Place in Arizona

October 31

Still Two Constants in My Life

November 14

A Split Begets A Lifer

November 28

Better Than Yoga

December 12

Allison at The Bosque

December 26

Tools of the Trade