Slipping Over to the Dark Side


Greater Roadrunner: the Iconic Avian Athlete

Parsing the Plumages of Immature Bald Eagles

A River of Ravens

I've Seen Coots from Both Sides Now

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The Morning After

Delta Blues

The Photograph

An Encounter with Elvis

The Windmasters

Careening Down the Osa

A Handful of Seconds

In Fukushima's Shadow

Black Water, Big Trees, and the Birds of Dreams

Owls, Trains, and Wilderness

Freezing Nights, Endangered Species, Clueless Tourists

Aztec Peak

Black is Black

Feathers on the Prairie Wind

Sunrise Service

Winterkill - A Yellowstone Haiku

Message in a Bottle

Reminiscences from Madera Canyon on the Eve of Tom Vezo's funeral

Sparrows! Real (Good) Birds Don't Wear Brown

September Kettle

August Monsoon Season in the Gila Box

Ledges of the Squirrels

June in the Kino Springs Neighborhood

The Bathtub in Late May

April on Ord

Time, Rock, and the River

The Complete Birding Spouse

Poets in a Warrior’s World