January 4

Preaching to the Choir

January 18

2017's Top Ten

February 1

The Universal Language

February 15

Migration, Invasion, and Irruption

March 1

Seminar in the Park

March 15

Owls: Share Responsibly

March 29

Guilty Pleasures of a Long Time Bird Photographer

April 12

Wing Flashing

April 26

The Song Must Never Cease

May 10

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

May 24

Parsing the Generic Accipiter

June 7

When Is a "yellow warbler" Not a Yellow Warbler?

June 21

Species Profile:  Gilded Flicker

July 5

Urban Legend

July 19

The Feather Thief

August 2

Silent Intersection

August 16

Full Circle

August 30

John McCain: A Common and Uncommon Man

September 13

A Glimpse behind the Curtain

September 27

Sharing Our Humanity, Bonding Through Nature

October 11

Raven Bonding

October 25

Chesapeake Requiem

November 8

The Randomness of Birding Life

November 22

I've Seen Coots from Both Sides Now

December 6

Cactus Wren, the Desert Turnstone

December 20

Christmas Column