January 2

A Rant about the Short Shrift Given Birds by the Media

January 16

2019's Top Ten

January 29

Birds Are Opportunists

February 13

Birds Are Opportunists, Part Two

February 27

Wild Horses

March 12

Cormorants: Neotropic v. Double-crested

March 26

Where Were You When?

April 9

Inflection Point

April 23

Wilderness Collective

May 7

What Just Happened?

May 21

Sex, Books, and Bird Watching

June 4

Water As an Avian Tool

June 18

Embracing the Cocoon

July 2

No, I Don't ebird

July 16, 2020

Remember in November

July 30

The Final Identification Frontier

August 13

Chat World

August 27

Flipping the Calendar

September 10

On the Subject of "Otherness"

September 24


October 8

Grinding, Part Two

October 22

Heroines, Heroes, and Harbingers

November 5

Dear Woodsy

November 19

Eastern Warblers in the West

December 3

My Last First

December 17

Christmas Column:  The Greatest Gift

December 31

Pandemic Birding